Free Domain Name Registration

Numerous service providers offer free domain options and can also register free domain names. However, it is important to understand the nature and definition of a free domain because often they are not what they seem. As such it is imperative to know who owns the domain and who controls the domain name.

It is emphasized that when you register a domain, you must register it under your name. This is because whoever’s name appears as the registrant in the domain registry (e.g., ICANN or Nominet) is the legal owner of that domain.

For a domain name to be considered free and belonging to you, it has to bear two distinct hallmarks

  • Needs to be registered in your name and email address
  • You should have 100% control over it

Web hosting companies will usually not have free options for .com domain registration. As a rule getting a .com domain free is not possible as they are in extremely high demand and as such, there is not a large number of them still available. So, there just isn’t enough available for web registrars to be able to offer for free.

Are there any risks involved in registering a domain name for free?

In this age, domain names have become assets and are considered internet real estate due to their ability to quickly appreciate in value. For this reason, it would be better to ensure that the domain name is registered in your name. Free to Cheap Domains have become the order of the day. However, they can become costly when trying to buy one that has already been purchased by someone else.

You simply want to make sure that it is registered in your name when you purchase a domain name or one is offered to you for free.

What of free Sub Domains

Some web hosting companies may not offer free domain names and registration but may instead offer free subdomains. A sub-domain is defined as a folder in front of an existing domain. e.g. your

If the purpose is non-commercial or for a hobby, they are a wonderful option. However, free of purchase sub-domains are not recommended for your own business because they are not easy to remember for users and they are not SEO friendly which may have a direct adverse impact on your enterprise.

For your own business, you had better go for your own domain name, e.g., Having your own domain gives you the autonomy to switch hosting providers as you see fit.